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Christmas has come early to Hens HQ

Pop over to the shop and check out our new goodies for you just in time for Christmas! We have designed my me and hand painted by Sarah at Paisley & Co mugs & Christmas decorations.  Coming soon we also have some EGGcellent chicken signs, our new card game ‘Pecking Order’ and HENtastic Activity books!

IMG 6445


Steph’s Packed Lunch

Did you see us on the telly??? Yes we were guests on ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’ on Channel 4, if you missed it don’t worry you can still view in on their catch up service All 4, Thursday 17th September.  Hope you enjoy it, we had a great day out!


IMG 6027 IMG 6021 IMG 6020 IMG 6019 IMG 6016 IMG 6010 IMG 5987 IMG 6004 IMG 5986 IMG 5979 IMG 5977 IMG 5970


Back to School Pictures-September 2020

Well I thought we would never get here, but here we are schools are open to all pupils not just key workers and our hens are going back!  So here are our first Back to School photos!

IMG 5691 IMG 5683 IMG 5653 IMG 5651 IMG 5570


Did you see us on the telly????

We had a very egg-citing afternoon last week with a visit from BBC Breakfast news crew! They joined us here at Hens HQ to chat chickens and why chickens have been such a popular addition to homes across the country during the Covid-19 Lockdown. If you want to catch up we are still on the BBC I-player for another 2 weeks, its BBC Breakfast on 22nd August. We are featured at 7.35 am & 9.45am.  Let us know what you think, the hens were of course the stars of the show!


IMG 6667  IMG 6666  IMG 6665  IMG 6664


Long Summer Days……

We are halfway through the school summer holidays, the hens have been spending most their days free ranging out on the farm.  With the easing of lockdown the public footpaths that run along side Hens HQ have been a lot quieter with dog walkers which has meant the hens have been able to soak up the sun in their favourite dust bathing spots.  It is Red Mite season so with the assistance of my teenage workforce we have reduced the days between cleaning out the hens houses so if any clusters pop up we can treat the hens houses before it gets out of hand… we are also pressure washing the hens houses every 2 weeks too. We have had some hot days here and have been doing our best to keep the hens cool, melon has been a firm favourite along with strawberries and peas & herbs  that have been grown in the Hens HQ veggie patch.

We have had a busy July with our ‘Quick Home Hatch’ with a great hatch success rate, the chicks have already gone onto new homes.  We have also set up 2 families that will be spending the summer doing a full hatch with us and we did our first ever candling session via Zoom.  Good news the fertility is looking very good.  We should have hatching mid & end of August.

We have also had lots of hens and ducks joining us for a break while their humans go on holiday.

Coming up for the rest of the month we have, online zoom Hen Keeping Courses, watch this space for updates and dates for the courses held here at Hens HQ.

Now its time to start prepping our hens for going back to school, before our hens go back to school we get them back together in their flocks (they have all bee free ranging in larger groups) they get full health checks, which include worming and mite treatments.  I will be getting in touch with all our schools to sort out back to school dates, as its going to be a little different this year. I am also prepping new resources for this start of term to add to the online Chicken Club to support our schools and hens through the new covid curriculum.


IMG 5126 IMG 5124  IMG 5113 IMG 5106 IMG 5076 IMG 1676 IMG 1678  IMG 4956 IMG 4917 IMG 4890 IMG 4813 IMG 4806 IMG 4799 IMG 4776 IMG 4781


In the Summer Time……..

I can’t believe we are here at the start of the school summer holidays and week I don’t know what of lockdown.  With the easing of lockdown across England has meant we have been able to offer some of our services again.  Our Hatch at Home and Hens in your Home experiences are proving very popular with families of all ages and sizes.  If you would like to know more please contact us.  We have also been busy collecting hens from our schools they were able to return during lockdown.  We have also been busy moving our pens around here at Hens HQ to ensure that all the hens get plenty of time outside free ranging (supervised of course).  Our Zoom Hen Keeping Courses have also been proving very popular, we hold them twice a month if you would like to join us.

Sadly we had to say Bon Voyage to the lovely Bugsy the Quarter Horse that had been staying with us for the last 8 months he has returned back to his home.  We have had a fantastic time with him as a house guest and as you can see I think the hens will miss him too.  Keep up to date with all our goings on via our social media platforms.  We will be busy over the summer prepping our hens for going back to school along with our Recovery & Reconnection Curriculum support and how our hens can help pupils and staff in our post pandemic schools.

IMG 4143    IMG 4147    IMG 4149    IMG 4197 IMG 4276   IMG 4307   IMG 4326   IMG 4369   IMG 4566 IMG 6520 IMG 4605 IMG 4617


Wish you were Here Competition

Drum roll please………our judges have picked their from our Wish you were Here Competition!!
We had an amazing response & they had a very tough journey b to narrow it down to 4. So congratulations to:
Tyler from Elmfield School
Saif from Percy Shurmer Academy
Ruby from Acorns Academy
Jasmyn from St John the Baptist School

Your prizes will be making their way to your school. I enjoyed all of the postcards so much everyone that took the time to design their EGGcellent postcards will also be getting a prize & certificate too xx
Over the next few days all the postcards will be going into our website so you can see them all. A big thank you to the EGGcellent judges Damian & Mike.

IMG 3617      IMG 3834


Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to be in the position to announce that from the first week of July we can now offer our Hatching Experiences Again!!!!

We will be offering our Incubator Hire from the start of July 2020. We will be adhering to all the Government guidelines and social distancing regulations to provide the service.  We only have a limited number of dates to hatch with us for Summer 2020 so if you would like details for both our Education & Home Hatch Experiences please contact us ASAP.  


IMG 3229     IMG 3230     IMG 3092


Lockdown News weeks 10-12

Wow we are just getting to the end of week 12 of lockdown, I never thought it would be this long when we started it back in March.  I am very happy to report we now have hens back in 7 of our schools.  They have been making a real difference to the mental health and wellbeing of the students and staff during this difficult and challenging time.

Here at Hens HQ, things are progressing much as it has over the past 12 weeks, hens are getting a variety of treats, some of them form our Amazon Wish List, thank you everyone that sent them. We have been producing more videos for our You Tube channel (link on the homepage) around Anatomy, Evolution & the results of our Hens vs Incubator experiment.  We also held a Facebook Live for our ducklings first swimming lesson, which was great fun.

6 of our ducklings went on a little holiday with some of our lovely friends children, you can see the updates on our social media pages.  New products are in the shop including, Chicken Club Membership.

Coming up next week we have: Zoom Hen Keeping Course, Chicken Club You Tube Lectures & summer prep here at Hens HQ


Scientist Colour 2 IMG 3664 IMG 3652 IMG 3644 IMG 3625 IMG 3615 IMG 3585 IMG 3600 IMG 3581 IMG 3570  IMG 3476 IMG 3469 IMG 3462 IMG 3456 IMG 3439


Lockdown News weeks 8-10

It has been a busy few weeks here at Hens HQ, not only have 16 chicks hatched in the incubator but we also saw the arrival of 10 ducks on the farm!  All of their antics have been documented via our You Tube Channel all part of our Hens vs Incubator Experiment.

We have also ow hosted our first 2 Online Hen Keeping Courses via Zoom (had a few technical issues-mainly due to me) but overall they have gone well.  We are also part way through our Chicken Club Lectures so far we have covered Behaviour & Anatomy, more to come this week.  Claire has completed her Covid-19 Readiness Course so she can get hens back to school safely.

Our Little online Shop has now opened with hand printed gifts, just click on the courses page for more info.

We have planted up a raised bed with a lovely selection of fresh herbs for the hens and the Wish you were Here competition has now closed and the judges have all the amazing art work and have a really hard job on their hands!

We have hens heading out to two more schools in the coming week too.

IMG 3398  IMG 3278  IMG 3366  IMG 3270 IMG 3230  IMG 3229 IMG 3195 IMG 3156 IMG 3155 IMG 3092


Lockdown News weeks 6-8

Here we are at the start of week 9, would you believe, and what lovely weather we have been enjoying even if the world is a little scary and crazy past the farm gate.  We celebrated VE Day and it was lovely to share the fantastic illustrations I commissioned our lovely illustrator Sarah to do, and it was great to see lots of people download and get creative with the Hen Spitfire and VE Day bunting.  Thank you for sharing your photos!

We are also 3 weeks into our experiment Hens vs Incubators, if you pop over to our You Tube channel (link is on the homepage you can catch up on what we have been hatching.) We have also started weekly Chicken Club sessions via Zoom and You Tube for our lovely schools so far they have been great fun so far we have covered Hen Behaviour & this week its Hen Anatomy.

Since some of the travel restrictions have been relaxed we were able to get hens back out at 2 schools so far and more will be back to school after the half term holidays (which makes me very happy) We have also been busy getting ready to being able to go back out in the world, so my Mum has been working hard at the sewing machine making masks for the family. Also we have guest judges for our Wish you were Here Competition only a couple of days until it closes!

This week we start our first online Hen Keeping Course, new dates have been added, please hop over the courses page for more info and dates.

Did you know we are Omlet Ambassadors? Yes we are and no we are not off to another country but if you do want to have a look at Omlet houses or ask any questions about them please get in touch with us.

IMG 2734 IMG 2762 IMG 2739 IMG 2737  IMG 2738 IMG 2767 IMG 2736    IMG 2702   IMG 2955  IMG 2924  IMG 2968

IMG 2521 2 IMG 3089 IMG 3092 IMG 2553


Lockdown News weeks 4-6….

I can’t believe that we are now in week 6 of lockdown.  The hens seem to have settled into the routine here at Hens HQ and the eggs sales at the honesty box has been really busy.  Sadly we have had some issues with people walking on the footpath that is close to our farm and we have had 3 dog attacks which has resulted in the death of 3 ducks, 1 injured hen and duck. We have set up cameras to catch the trespassing dog, plus spent a lot of time fixing the fence.  I hope you have enjoyed some of the activities we have shared via social media, we did a live Easter Egg Collection & Meditation Walk around the farm.  Plus every week day we are sharing some fun resources for you via our social media. For schools that hire hens with us we have our EGGtastic ‘Wish you were Here’ competition (please check your inbox) We have been busy developing the Hen Veggie Patch and making more uniform bags for NHS staff and care workers.

IMG 2424 IMG 2412 IMG 2340 IMG 2318 IMG 2438 IMG 2436  IMG 2429 IMG 2312 IMG 2308 IMG 2307 IMG 2303 IMG 2302 IMG 2297 IMG 2299 IMG 2302 IMG 2303 IMG 2002 IMG 1989


Lockdown News weeks 1-4……..

Here is just a snippet of what we have been up to, it has been a busy 3 weeks we have hosted 3 Facebook Live Mini Hen Keeping Courses. 2 Chicken Agility Broadcasts & 3 Story Times with the Library Chooks. We have been sharing activity and colouring sheets on social media, we have made bags for NHS Key Workers and delivered free eggs to Vulnerable households plus a spot of baking! Plus some of the not so eggciting bits, cleaned and serviced all of the incubator equipment ready for when schools go back along with clearing out the hen barn and the hens!…….for more info please visit our social media pages.


IMG 1951 IMG 1933 IMG 1931 IMG 1917 IMG 1903 IMG 1869 IMG 1752 IMG 1686 IMG 1662 IMG 1652 IMG 1638 IMG 1608 IMG 1589 IMG 1529 IMG 1509 IMG 1485 IMG 1484 IMG 1409 IMG 1359


Hen & Incubator Hire-Covid-19 Update

All schools that have active Hen Hire and Incubator Packages have been contacted and nearly all of the hens and chicks are back at Hens HQ and all will be here by Monday 23rd March.  We are currently pausing all our bookings until the schools situation has been fully settled.

Sadly after reviewing our insurance and the Health & Safety risk to our staff we are currently not in a position to offer hatching experiences to parents who will be home schooling their children for the foreseeable future.

Courses & Covid 19

After much thought and after a review of our health and safety procedures and insurance, with a heavy heart I will be suspending all Hens for Hire services for the foreseeable future. The safety of our staff and our customers is paramount.
This includes, Hen Hire, Incubator Hire, Chick Cuddles and Hen Keeping Courses.

Eggs sales will continue from our Honesty Box and orders for collection.

We will keep you updated with the activities of the hens here at Hens HQ and we will update you with changes depending on guidelines from the Government.

We will be holding Facebook Live Mini Hen Courses, please join us for our first one Monday 24th March at 4pm.


Happy 2020!

Wow we are already half way through January! The hens had a great Christmas break and are all back at school ready for the better weather now the lighter nights are here (well kind of) Good news there hasn’t been any more reported outbreaks of bird flu since the one in Suffolk last year and Defra has lifted the restriction zone.

We are busy at Hens HQ getting ready for hatching 2020, our Big Mama Incubator is up and running ready for test eggs next week.  All the schools that have booked with us should have all the information on the up coming hatching dates.


Did you know that along with all our great hen hire and incubator hire packages you can also book us to be a guest speaker? Yes that’s right if you would like to book us to come and talk to your group or school have a look at our day visit page or get in touch via the contact us page.

Hen Courses for Beginners

Want to get chickens but not sure where to start? why don’t you come along to one of our ‘Hens for Everyone’ courses.  Perfect for getting started with hens, pop over the to courses page for more info, prices and how to book.


IMG 9923   IMG 2878   IMG 3104



New Hatching Package for Spring/Summer 2020

Out of Africa-yes we are bringing a touch of the African plains to the classroom! We are offering eggs with a difference in 2020, Guinea Fowl!  Pop over to the Incubator page for more info.


My Indi Business Day

I recently attended a business development day at the Emma Bridgewater Factory in Stoke on Trent, hosted by Simply Great Britain.  It was a great opportunity for me to listen to some excellent speakers, meet other business owners and do some planning for the future of Hens for Hire……so watch this space!

IMG 8184    IMG 8189    IMG 8188


Did you see us on the Telly?

Yes its true! Hens and chicks on the box! Last week we featured on episode 2 of Our School.  The episode will shortly be here on our website, but if you are desperate to see it in the mean time it is still available on the BBC I-player for another 3 weeks.

IMG 8163      IMG 8153    IMG 8152


New School Year-Its back to school time!

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end fo September!  Well we had a great Summer overall here at Hens HQ.  The hens enjoyed some R n R and catching up with their friends from other schools.  Some hens have retired and joined the Hens HQ flock.  Others have gone to new schools this month.All of the hens had full health checks while they were home for the summer, as with the lovely weather comes mites!

All the updates on what they have been up to,  are on our social media pages.  So now they are all out at school sharing the joys of hen keeping with students around England.

IMG 7971   IMG 7973   IMG 7984   IMG 7991


GCSE Success for one of the Hens for Hire Team

You may have seen him when I collected hens and equipment at the end of the Summer Term, Daniel since finishing his GCSE exams in June has been working as part of the Hens for Hire team. He has been hard at work helping to collect the hens and hen houses, setting up the pens here on the farm for the hens and pressure washing equipment ready for the start of the new school year.  Daniel received his results at the end of August and did very well, so is ready to start at 6th Form, studying History and Sport.  Congratulations Daniel!

IMG 7993


Dogs & Hens

As you know we have 2 lovely farm dogs here at Hens HQ, Jensen and Lulu.  If you have visited us here on one of our courses I am sure you may have received some Lulu love!  Well you may have seen on our social media pages we have suffered 2 attacks on our hens this summer from dogs that have been off the lead in the woods at that run along the farm. This has resulted in 2 hens being killed and 2 injured.  It was devastating to see 2 of my lovely hens, one of them retired and one that was due to go back to school in September killed in this way.  Especially when the owners said their dogs had never done anything like this before!  The moral of this story is…..IF your dog doesn’t come back when you call them they should not be off the lead!


In the Summer Time……

We are getting closer to the end of the school year and we are busy at Hens HQ getting ready for the hens to come home for the holidays.  Our last few incubators are coming to the end of their time at schools too and will be returning to the farm shortly. We have had a busy hatching season, we have hatched with over 59 settings, hatching, chicks, ducklings and a first for this year keets! (Guinea Fowl) our busiest year yet.  We have also celebrated our 8th Birthday, in that time we have shared the joy of hens with over 100 00 people! here is to another 8!


Spring is in the air!

Well it might still be cold out there but the days are starting to get longer, its light until nearly 5pm now!

With the days getting lighter we are getting ready for hatching 2019.  The big incubators are out of storage will be geting eggs in from the start of Feb.  We still have some space in our diary for hatching bookings, please get intouch for more info.


Boys Have Arrived!

2 new cockerels have joined the flock at Hens HQ, Vlad and Bjorn.  Pop over to our Facebook page for all the photos and updates.


Guest Speaker

Did you know that we do speaking visits?  Yes we do, visits to WI meetings and luncheon groups, if you would like us to come and chat all things chickens, please get in touch.


Merry Christmas from all of us at Hens for Hire!

IMG 3365

Its been a busy few weeks for the little hen van, all the school hens are now back at Hens HQ for the holidays.  The hens are all checked in at the hen barn, they have had their health checks and have settled into their holiday homes for the next few weeks.  We are looking forward to a lovely festive few weeks, visiting friends and family.  The good news for having the hens back at Hens HQ is that we have eggs again! (sadly the retiree hens haven’t really been delivering on this front recently!). So if you are passing and need some eggs for Christmas baking please visit our honesty box at the top of the farm drive.

Our schools have really got into the festive spirit and we have had some wonderful enteries in our Christmas Chicken Coop Competition!

IMG 3630

Our course dates for 2019 are now live on the website for both the Hens for Everyone & Introduction to Photography Courses.  Stuck for a last minute gift? Do not fear we have you covered we offer gift certificates for all our courses, just drop us an email.

We have lots of EGGciting things coming up for 2019 so please keep an eye on our news page for all the info.

Autumn at Hens HQ

It has been a busy Autumn half term here at Hens for Hire, hens returning back to school and new schools joining the Hens for Hire family. The mini hen van has travelled a few thousand miles criss crossing the country. We have had chicks hatching at the Stan Bull Centre in Walsall, the day centre vistors have enjoyed the chick cuddles. We have launched a great new school project all part of our mindfulness project, meet our Zen Hens (for schools hiring with us check your inbox for all the info and they will soon be added to the Chicken Club). we have had some new additions here at Hens HQ, meet our new Swedish Flower Hens they are only 10 weeks old more info on them as they settle in.

IMG 2843     IMG 2797




We’re all going on our Summer Holidays!

IMG 1297

It has been a busy school year at Hens HQ, we have worked with over 30 schools, sharing the joy of hen keeping, hatched over 200 chicks and ducklings at settings around England! Launched our Chick Cuddle Sessions (which have been a big hit).  We have had some challenges too, a very long winter, the return of Bird Flu and then the hottest summer in over 40 years!  Our Hens have been super stars laying over 13 000 eggs for schools to enjoy.  They are now back at Hens HQ for their summer holiday.  A chance to relax, recharge and catch up with flock mates. Some of our lovely hens are retriring from school service, they will now be enjoying life back on the farm

Both the hens and I would like to wish all our schools and teachers a happy summer break and we will see you in September!


Oh how we are all a little tired of getting these emails! Our  Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the change in the data protection regulations.  All the schools we currently work with have alos been contacted. If you have any questions about it please contact us.



A Sad Goodbye…..

IMG 7421 IMG 7420 IMG 3452

It’s with very heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to the Little Yellow Horse. Despite all the best efforts of the staff at Pool House Equine Hospital.
What we thought was colic this morning, wasn’t & she was basically in the start of septic shock due to a massive rip in her small intestine. We rushed her into the hospital & the staff were brilliant but sadly it wasn’t meant to be.
She was only nearly 8 & been part of the family for 7 years. She was a force of nature & full of life a totally Miss Sassy Pants.
Today has been a total shock & she will be greatly missed xxx

New Additions to the Farm

IMG 9178  IMG 9197  IMG 9177

Meet the new addtions to Hens HQ, Ted and Little Alfie the orohaned lambs.  They are just over 7 days old and doing really well we are all enjoying bottle feeding them and of coure lots of cuddles! Better photos to follow once the weather improves!

‘Tis the season for Chick Cuddles!

IMG 8949 IMG 2409 IMG 2410

We have had a very busy run up to Easter here at Hens HQ, we have hosted lots of chick cuddle sessions at nursery schools, primary schools and at farm Easter Parties.  Our chicks were EGGcellent and very well behaved and the children, staff and parents really enjoyed the experience.

If you would like us to visit your setting or event, please get intouch.


Oh the weather outside is frightful-2nd March 2018

As the Beast from the East and Storm Emma are battering most of the UK, here at Hens HQ we are struggling with the weather. Our farm is covered in snow and we have 4ft snow drifts coming off the fields.  We spent 2 hours until midnight yesterday digging out a selction of vechicles including gritter lorries and cars all stuck on our road(we are on a main road).  The snowploughs have been on patrol and cleared some of the road and very kindly piled up 4ft of snow at the entrance to the farm. I am a bit worried that if this weather continues it will effect our incubator set up next weeks.  I will be keeping a close eye on the weather forcasts.  If you want to see our fun in the snow rescuing drivers please check out or facbook and twitter feeds.


New for Spring 2018!

Chick Cuddle Sessions- Aimed at Nurseries, perfect for little hands and attention spans!

IMG 1077

Our sessions last for approx 45 mins, where children and staff will get hands on handling with a selection of our lovely fluffy chicks.  We also have a selection of dressing up clothes, chick toys (for children not to keen on handling the chicks) plus a few songs!



Cuddle Sessions Costs Cover:
All the materials and live animals.
Travel to and from your location.

If your location is further afield please get intouch for a price.

Avaliable from Spring -Autumn

For more info please visit our Eggtivity Days page.  Bookings are quickly filling up so get intouch so you dont miss out.

18th January 2018-Bird Flu Prevention Zone

Today Defra announced a Enlgand wide prevention zone due to 2 reported cases of Bird Flu in wild birds. All schools who currently hire hens from us, please check your inbox for the latest update and risk assessment details.

Bird flu prevention zone extended to cover whole of England

Legal requirement for all bird keepers in England to follow strict biosecurity measures.

Biosecurity measures

The prevention zone means bird keepers across the country must:

  • Ensure the areas where birds are kept are unattractive to wild birds, for example by netting ponds, and by removing wild bird food sources;
  • Feed and water your birds in enclosed areas to discourage wild birds;
  • Minimise movement in and out of bird enclosures;
  • Clean and disinfect footwear and keep areas where birds live clean and tidy;
  • Reduce any existing contamination by cleansing and disinfecting concrete areas, and fencing off wet or boggy areas.

Keepers with more than 500 birds will also be required to take some extra biosecurity measures including restricting access to non-essential people, changing clothing and footwear before entering bird enclosures and cleaning and disinfecting vehicles.

The prevention zone will be in place until further notice and will be kept under regular review as part of our work to monitor the threat of bird flu.

Poultry keepers and members of the public should report dead wild birds to the Defra helpline on 03459 33 55 77 and keepers should report suspicion of disease to APHA on 03000 200 301. Keepers should familiarise themselves with our avian flu advice.

There are no plans to carry out any culls or put movement restrictions in place.


We are going EGG Crazy!

Happy New Year! it may be a gloomy start to 2018, but here at Hens HQ we are busy planning our Spring and Summer hatches. We are busy taking bookings for our 3 hatching options.  Did you know that we are one of the only companies to offer:

  • Bantams Hatching Eggs
  • Quackers-Duck Hatching Eggs
  • Hisotrical Hatch-The chance to hatch Queen Victoria’s favourite breeds

Not to mention we are the only hatching company to offer our unique ‘Watch us Grow’ package. Pop over to our incubator page for all the details.

Course Dates for 2018 & Gift Vouchers

New in the Hens for Hire Shop are Gift Vouchers that can be used on all of our courses, pop into the shop for more info.  Released today are all our course dates for 2018 book early to avoid disappointment.  We will also soon be launching our new Animal & Woodland Safari Photography courses……..watch this space for details!


The Hens for Hire Chicken Christmas Coop is OPEN!!

IMG 0096 IMG 0100 IMG 4711 IMG 4710 IMG 4054  54401151 80EB 4391 A562 C58ED3A278E1

Our ‘Helfs’ are hard at work adding the finishing touches and the doors to the Online Shop are now Open!

We have some EGGtastic products, stick you beak in the shop for a quick peek!




Now for the Science Part!

Scientist Colour

Not to blow our own trumpet but our EGGtivity Days are HENtastic! Brand new for 2017 we have 3 themed Days all based around the Humble Hen! Lifecycles, Historical Hens & Egg Scientists. We provide all the materials, costumes and hens (plus chicks).  We are the country’s leading Hen Keeping Specialists and we love to share the joy of hens.  We want to take your learning beyond eating eggs.  For more information please visit the EGGtivity Day page or contact Claire.

To Early to Mention the C Word?

IMG 8894      IMG 5154     IMG 4640

By ‘C Word’ I of course mean Chicks! Yes it may only be October but we are already taking bookings for incubators and hatching eggs for the Spring and Summer term 2018.  We have some EGGcellent hire packages which include:

Bantam Hatch– our pure and rare breed hatching, cute fluffy chicks for everyone to enjoy

Historical Hatch-Hatch some of Queen Victoria’s favourite breeds, learn how she started Hen Fever!

Quackers-Ducklings-enough said!

Watch Us Grow-Keep the chicks for longer than our standard hire package

Please contact Claire for full details on our packages

Back to School Hens

IMG 5613

It has been a busy few weeks here at Hens HQ, getting the hens back to school for the start of the school year.

We have visited 25 schools, and settled in hens back to settings around the country.  Some hens are on their 2nd and 3rd years back at school and for quite a few of the girls it was their first day of school. The good news is they have all settled back in, if you want to see their first day of school pictures please visit our Facebook Page.

EGGucational & Hentastic Shop

We have some very eggciting new products making their way to our new look shop, unlike poultry supplies our shop is a little different.  During our monthly Hens for Everyone Courses, we open our hen supply shop at Hens HQ. We offer layers pellets, bedding, hen care sprays and powders.

Our online shop offers something a little different.  You can now purchase our Hen House Herbs , which I use in all of our coops here at hens HQ.  Along with some of our fun and ‘EGGucational’ products.  Have a browse and get shopping, we are still waiting for a few products to arrive and will update the shop as soon as they do.

Summer 2017 EGGventures

All the chickens have come back from school for a little R & R here at Hens HQ.  If you follow our Social Media Pages you can keep up to date on all of their Summer activities.  We have been for a little trip away from the farm, a week in St Ives but of course we couldn’t go without some of our EGGventure Hens.  Here are just a few of the pictures of thier eggventures.  Our EGGventure Hens are a great addition to any classroom or family, for poultry loving children they can go with them on trips or away for the weekend or even on mini EGGventrues around school. We creat a range of hens all made from ‘Jumping Clay’ which is totally safe and easy to clean. For schools who hire hens from us they are included in your package. If you would like to purchase them, please visit our shop for more information.

IMG 4435   IMG 4490   IMG 4424   IMG 4585   IMG 4485

Chicken Keeping Consortium 2017

IMG 3393 IMG 3374 IMG 3371 IMG 3363 IMG 3368

On Friday 2nd June I was lucky enough to join other like minded poultry people from around the country at Warwickshire Chicken Coop. It was a fantasic day or should I say HENtastic day all organised via Instagram by @YorkshireFeathers.  This is the second year of the CKC, it was a great opportunity to share the joy of hens with other chicken keepers and to listen to some interesting and inspirational speakers, eat lots of lovely food and cake and do a spot of shopping.

Sso how did the day shape up? have a quick look….

Arrivals, name badges and a brief welcome from @YorkshireFeathers 
12:30 TOUR of Warwickshire Chicken Coop with Terry and Jac WCC yard 
TALK from Dr Naomi Sykes from The Chicken Project Why did the chicken cross the world? 
Guessing games, Find Bernard and plant swap winners drawn 
(please pop to have a go at guessing games towards the end!) -Classroom 
15:30 Farmgate Feeds samples WCC yard 
TALK @Arthurparkinson_ My life and hens -Classroom 
Final guessing game entries, prize winners announced, purchasing art from @xtine_art and @annas_goodlife 
16:30 Q &A with Jamie Toms from @PoultryTalk -Classroom 
17:00 Plant collecting, stocking up on chicken supplies from the shop and farewells 

And the Winner is………..

After a busy election day on Thursday and we are ready to announce the winner of our EGGlection:


The Bluebell Party won the most votes through our social media platforms. Thank you to everyone who cast their vote.

EGGlection Time

With less than a week to go we are feeling EGGlection fever!  We hav had a go at creating our own ballot boxes and ballot papers we hope this gives you some ideas for your own school EGGlections on Thursday.

IMG 3357 IMG 3359 IMG 3358 IMG 3360

Lunch fit for a Queen

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to a private lunch with Her Majesty the Queen.  It was an amazing experience and we were able to be introduced to her and talk to her (about hens and horses!). Here are just a few picutres, offical ones to follow.

IMG 3158 IMG 3164 IMG 3178 IMG 3179

Meet The Seabrights

Let me introduce Captain & His First Mate, they are part of our Historical Hens team.  We love to share the history of hens and how they became part of our everyday lives.  If you would like to know more about our Historical Hen Days (all part of our EGGtivity Packages) please visit the page.

IMG 3077

Quacking Time!

It have been a very EGGciting time, 2 of our lovely schools have hatched their first duck eggs.  Duck eggs are just one of the EGGtastic hatching packages that we offer, if you would like more information please visit our Incubator page.

IMG 3014 IMG 3006 IMG 2900 IMG 2899

 My Haven’t They Grown!

The little wild goslings who found their way onto the farm 3 weeks ago, they really have grown!  They have settled into farm life well and are thriving.  The plan is to find them a more suitable home. For now they seem to be happy.

IMG 3082

Poultry Poltical News

Ppb Colour

It is election season here in the UK and the hens felt it was time for their Poultry Political Views to be heard.  We are putting together our own Poultry Political Boradcast Packs, so that students and teachers can have some politcal debates and vote for the Polutry Party they think should be in power, casting our votes on June 8th.  To all our schools please login to the ‘Chicken Club’ for all the information.


Wild Arrivals

Goose 1 Goose 2

We currently have 2 unexpected house guests in one of our nursery pens. 2 Canadian Goosings.  They literally knocked on the back door and following my Mum around the farm yard. We have searched high and low looking for the rest of their family without any luck. So for now they are enjoying some Hens for Hire hospitality.

Hen House Herb Growing Boxes


All ready to send to out to schools this week, our fantastic Hen House Herb Boxes.  A handpicked selection of herbs to grow at school along with all the information on how to add herbs to your hen house, a wreath to add herbs to, that can be hung in the hen house.  Along with a our belended dried Hen House Herbs to add to the hen house and run.  Soon to be avaliable in our shop too.

The Geese are Laying!

As you know the geese and I have a tolerate/hate relationship and they have hated being on barn lockdown. Th e good news is that they can go outside from tomorrow and they have started to lay eggs!  We are now offering ‘Posh Eggs Selection Box’ containing 1x Goose Egg, 2x Duck Eggs, 2x Hen Eggs & 1x Bantam Eggs- you can order them from Hens HQ

IMG 1046 IMG 1076 IMG 0656

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet!

Last week was our first incubator hire of the 2017 hatching season.  Whenever we incubate eggs we always incubate extras to hatch here at Hens HQ just incase the hire doesnt go to plan, plus it means that we get chick cuddles! We will be hatching until the end of June, we will also be hathcing ducklings too!

IMG 1029 IMG 1081 IMG 1025

Storm Doris

It has been a blustry few days here at Hens HQ.  We lost a lot of roof tiles off the farm buildings and there was some minor damage to the barns.  Good old Doris also took out the electricity to the farm, plus 3 surrounding villages.  This time of year is hathcing season, so the master incubator has been working hard warming up the eggs.  We lost the electricity at 1pm, the incubator can cope with the power being out for a couple of hours (as long as its not opened). Once we had passed the 2 hour mark we cranked up the little emergency generator and got it back up to temperature.  The little genie did a fantastic job for 3 hours and after a visit from Western Power  & a walk around the farm we spotted the problem. A  tree from the ajoining wood was ‘leaning’ on the power lines.  The engineers sprang into action and lots of vans and equipment arrvied at Hens HQ. Whilist all this was going on our very kind friends at Storer Smith Marquees Hire came and set up one of their fantastic generators to keep our incubator running overnight.  Thanks to the hard work of the electrical engineers we got our power back at 4am and they didnt even make a mess in the field!

IMG 1169 IMG 1108 IMG 1111 IMG 1112 IMG 1114

Green Screen Hens

On Thursday a selection of hens went out on a roadtrip to Birmingham, and the lovely Gloria made her screen debeut. She was HENtastic, she stood on her mark, turned to face her co-star at just the right time and was a total professional with the rest of the crew.  Sine then she has now asked for her own hen house with a star on the door.  It was a really interesting experience and we will share the finsihed piece with you when it has been edited. (check out our Facebook page for all the photos and videos.)

IMG 0939 IMG 0925 IMG 0939

Its Hatching Time!

Its very eggciting here at Hens HQ.  We head back out on the road tomorrow to set up our first incubator hire of 2017.  We have had our first arrivals as 2 little quail chicks hatched yesterday. To keep up todate with the pitter patter or tiny feet please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

That back to school feeling!

Fingers crossed that from 28th February the hens can head back to school as Defra are relaxing the current regulations in some areas.  At Hens HQ the safety and welfare of our hens is our paramount concern.  All of our hens will be going back to school weith a Bird Flu Prevention back to make sure they stay safe and healthy at school.  I wont lie it will be lovely to get them back to school where they belong and out of the barn.

March is going to be a busy month with getting hens to schools, new schools joining us and of course on the run up to Easter its hatching season!

Musical Hens?

The hens have now been on AI lockdown since mid December.  They have settled into barn life much better than I could have hoped.  As discussed in some of our other articles we have been working hard to stop the hens from getting bored.  As well as edible treats we have also added some other activities for the hens.  They have rubber tyres to play in and recently added each pen has its own musical instruments!  Im not sure I will be conducting an orchestra just yet but the young hens seem to be enjoying it.

Hatching Eggs

All schools who have booked incubator hire with us will ahve had confirmed dates of when your eggs will be arriving at school.  We are now fully booked for Incubator Hire until the end of June 2017.  If you want to hear the pitter patter of tiny fluffy feet, we will be offering incubator and hatching eggs until the end of October 2017.

Eggtivity Days

We are now taking bookings for our Eggtivity Days… an eggtastic way to bring hens into the classroom! We have 3 great themes:

  • Life Cycles
  • Historical Hens
  • Egg Scientists

For more information please visit the Eggtivity Page


We host a monthly Hens for Everyone Courses, a great way to get find out everything that you need to know to be a hen keeper.  Check out the Courses page for more information.

Chicken TV

With a lot of help we finally have our own You Tube Channel!  We have already started to add videos of what the hens are up to whilst they are in the barn at Hens HQ.  Please have a look at Hens for Hire HQ n You Tube!

Bordem Busters for Chicken Lock Down

Just like all other poultry up and down the country the hens are 6 weeks into the Defra lock down.  I think they are glad to be out of the mud and rain but have been getting very bored.  We have been doing our best to keep them busy, in each run they have plenty of space to scratch around in the deep woodchip,  They ahve tyres and chicken swings to play with.  Everyday they get a mix of scratch feeds-corn, garlic powder, grit and seaweed.  They have access to water and layers pellets and in the afternoons a selction of fruit and veg, kale is very popular at the moment.  As they are in the barn and it can be a little dark on dull days we also have some large lights to make it daytime bright.  I have on order for them a selection of musical instruments to add to the pens next week!  We do love happy hens!

Eggs, Eggs everywhere!

As all the hens are at Hens HQ until the end of next month we have rather a lot of eggs.  We have been selling some of them at our honesty box at HQ and from this week we will be posting them out to schools.  We have also delivered a large cardbaord box of eggs to the YMCA food bank in Burton on Trent, we will be doing this on a regular basis until the hens go back to school.

New for 2017-Eggtivity Days!

We can bring the hens into the classroom for fun filled days all around the humble hen.

We have 3 themes:

  • Lifcycles-day 1-21 of chick development in the egg, with lots of chick handling
  • Chicktoria & Eggbert-Learn how Queen Victoria started the hen keeping craze
  • Egg Scientists-Time to put on the lab coat & do eggperiements!

Please visit the Eggtivity Day Page for more information!


Prevention Zone Update-5th January 2017

Yesterday Defra announced the extension of the Prevention Zone until 28th Feb.  All poultry should be housed all food and water out of the reach of wild birds and runs should be enclosed.  Biosecurity should be followed for more information please visit the Defra website.  Here at Hens HQ, we have moved everyone into the large Chicken Barn along with the ducks and geese.  All the doors have been covered with netting and we have footbaths.  The hens have settled in really well, the geese will be happy to be back out the grass once the prevention zone is ended.  We take the spread of Avian Flu very seriously and have decided to extend the Christmas holidays of the school hens until the end of the prevention zone.

To keep all the school up to date with their hens we will soon be starting our own You Tube channel and a weekly EGGcast.

Christmas at Hens HQ-(a little blog)

December 2016 has been a bit of a challenging one. We have fully embraced the new Defra regulations and have done our best to move all of the hens indoors to our large Chicken Barn and covered all of the gaps with netting.  We have used netting that is normally used to cover ponds.  The aquatic shop looked a little surprised when I walked in on the morning of 6th December and bought all of their netting.  Mr P and Daniel did a great job up the ladders after school securing it all whilst I got the pens ready for the ducks and geese.

Now the geese haven’t been here very long and I have never kept them before.  Until this point they had started to accept that I bring the food and the water and had gone from flapping and hissing at me to just the odd hiss.  On the evening of the 6th December I was very impressed that they happily herded across the yard into the barn and the new pen.  There new home is next to the ducks and the have plenty of space to move about. Sadly they have gone back to hissing and flapping at everyone who comes in and out of the barn.

The ducks that we have raised from day old ducklings were having none of this ‘herding into the barn’ business and had to all be picked up and carried into the barn.  I can report that the hens are all enjoying life in the barn.  Happy to be out of the mud and rain with lots of woodchip to scratch around in.  We also have lots of hand washing gel and boot washes for coming in and out of the barn.

After reassuring all of our schools about the new Defra regulations and updating some of our health and safety procedures, the hens came home for Christmas. 1600 miles of driving in the hen van for me (did you spot us on the road with our decorated cab? I loved the bunting)

We have had a lovely CHICKmas here at Hens HQ, the hens have hung up their stockings for Santa and got all the treats they had on their list.

We are now getting prepared for the start of 2017.  We are putting together ‘prevention zone packs’ for when the hens go back to school once the prevention zone has finished.  Along with the Hatching Plan for 2017, competition for our schools for term 2 and 3,it’s going to be cracking!

Hens for Everyone Courses 2017

Thinking of getting hens and not sure where to start? Why not attend one of our courses.  We cover everything you need to know for Happy, Healthy Hens!  You get lots of hen hug, cakes and a goodie bag!

22nd January

12th February

12th March

9th April

14th May

25th June

16th July

For more information and to book please visit the ‘courses’ page.

Hatching Options 2017…its going to be a ‘cracking’ year!

To all our schools who have ‘Full Year’ Hen Hire, please check your mail box.  You should have details of our new hatching options for 2017.  We are very eggcitied about our new egg options:

Batty about Bantams


Historical Hatching

If you haven’t had the email or would like further information please get contact Claire xx

Are you ready for an EGGventure?

Continuing our literacy project this term we have just launched a trial of our EGGventure Boxes.  They are full of goodies to get students imaginations fired up and get them writing! More information to follow…….its all very EGGciting!

Have you meet our Library Chooks?

Now you know that we are hen crazy here and are firm beleivers that hens enrich every part of our lives at home and school. As part of our Chicken Club, (our online resource centre for schools that hire with us or those that want to join) our new literacy programme, the Library Chooks.  To help children with guided or unguided reading, go read a book to your Chooks!

Library Chooks

New Arrivals

To add to the collection of, hens, quails and ducks we have at hens HQ we now have 7 geese. They arrived on Sunday and are taking a bit of time to settle in.  They belonged to and elderly neighbour who could no longer care for them so they are now part of our poultry family.  Now we just have to come up with some names once we get to know them a little better.(pictures to follow)

Crafty Christmas Workshops

During November we have will be hosting 4 Christmas Craft Workshops here at Hens HQ.  All the courses are lead my our creative artist in residence Pat Lings, she will show you how to create some stunning works or art to give and Christmas gifts or to decorate your home.  As its at Hens HQ there will be lots of tea, cake & optional hen hugs!  All the courses are held in our dairy workshop, we have have onsite facilities along with ample parking.  Due to the age of our building I am sorry we do not have disabled access.  For full details and to book please visit the shop.

Three Wise Women are coming to Hens HQ

Join the three wise women here at Hens HQ on Thursday 22nd September, A hen night with a difference with Three Wise Women, a brood of hens, tea, cake and networking.

We are meeting at the HQ of Hens for Hire, a brilliant business owned by Claire Peach (aka The Hen Lady). Find out more about her business and meet other local business women.

Tickets £10 – from Paypal or in person from Julie, Joyce or Karen or visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheeWiseWomen/

Autumn Events at Hens HQ

Thursday 22nd September-3 Wise Women

Friday 23rd September-Tea, Coffee & Cake to raise money for British Hen Welfare Trust 10-12pm

Sunday 2nd October-Hens for Everyone Course 10-12pm

Sunday 30th October-Hens for Everyone Course 10-12pm

Draycott in the Clay Show

We will had an eggcellent time  at the show.  The Egglympics ‘Have a go at Hen Agility Course’ proved very popular with everyone visiting our stand.

Img 8576  Img 8591

August at Hens HQ

We have had a lovely start to the Summer holidays.  The hens are all back at HQ so we have plenty of fresh eggs! We are busy cleaning eglus and equipment ready for them to go back out to schools in September.

We have hosted some great courses so far this Summer, the ‘mini mites course’ was great for recapping on how to treat your hen house and hens for the little monsters.  We also have a very successful ‘Hen Herbs & Chooktails’ evening sharing the herbs from your garden.  We covered the herbs you can feed your hens along with what can be added to the hen house.  We made some lovely wreaths to hang in the hen house plus plenty of Pimms!

IMG 7002  IMG 7007  IMG 7013

Country File Live

At the start of August we visited Country File Live in Oxfordshire.  We have a lovely day our and enjoyed the fantastic activities the kids took part in kayaking, horse racing and polo.  We ate some tasty street food and amazing ice cream!  I also got to visit some of my twitter friends Poultry Talk & Dr Chicken, as part of Adam’s Farm.

IMG 7891 IMG 7913 IMG 5189


Yes its true we even managed a family holiday! Many thanks to my Mum for looking after Hens HQ whilst we were at the seaside!

IMG 7706 IMG 7756 IMG 7642

New Summer Mini Courses

Yes it is finally Summer! (well in name) we have some fantastic evening mini courses here at Hens HQ.

Mini Mites Course is perfect to refresh you on what to do to deal with mites in your flock and hen house. If you are new to hen keeping, it will give you all the knowledge you need! All in a relaxed environment, light refreshments included plus 10% off mite products in the shop.

Hen Herbs & ‘Chook-Tails’ to celebrate turning 5, we will be sharing the different herbs you can use with your hens and hen house and making a herb ring to take home.  We will also enjoy some evening cocktails, alcoholic an non alcoholic.


For more information and to book please visit the courses page from the SHOP.

Egglympics Training

Hfh Pole Vault     Hfh Hurdles  Hfh Javelin

Our hens and pupils are getting into shape as part of this terms Egglympics competition.  To celebrate a summer of sport and the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  The challenge for the schools is to train their hens to complete some obstacles and send us the video.  Not wanting to be left out we have been having a go at Hens HQ.  You can watch our training videos via our Facebook & Twitter pages.

Our top tip for Hen training is……GRAPES! definitely the right treat to motivate the girls to join in! Also keep the training short and sweet!

Good Luck, we can’t wait to see your videos!

Coming Soon Spring 2017……….

I know that sounds a long way off but here at Hens HQ we are already busy planning our hatchings for next Spring.

For Schools that hire hens for a full school year your incubator hire is included in your hire.  For 2017 you will have a choice of what to hatch, chickens/ducks/quails

Also for all settings that hire incubators you will have the option to ‘Watch us Grow’ a fantastic opportunity to see the chicks develop into young adult birds.



IMG 8894

Back to school for the hens

It s the start of the new school year and we have been really busy with hens returning to school and starting at new schools.

We hope all the hens are settling in well and both students and staff are enjoying the hens and the fresh eggs.

If your school would like to buy a hen package, have it set up at your location and staff trained please get in touch.

Ex-Battery Hens

Here at Hens For Hire HQ we have hens of all shapes and sizes, you birds we are growing on to join the school hens, girls who have retired plus a few of my favourites!

If you follow us on twitter you know we are also promoting hen re-homing through the British Hen Welfare Trust. We decided to adopt our own hens through the BHWT website, its a great way to hug a hen if you haven’t got room for some at home. Meet our girls…Minerva and Little Flo.