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School Hen Keeping Specialist

The Early Days of Hens For Hire

17 years ago we moved our little family from the city to the countryside and got our first 2 hens, who had to be called Margo & Barbara!  We wanted to show our children where their food came from.
Never kept anything more exotic than a dog and a cat before and it was an education!Early Years

We had a few good life moments, chasing hens around the garden trying to put them back in their run.

From there on it was a slippery slope. We progressed to more and more chickens, then goats for milk (hand milked twice a day) a few pigs and some bottle reared lambs! Not to mention horses and ponies! (lots of comedy stories to go with each!).

Egg-ucating The Next Generation

We have now calmed down a little and have focused on chickens and 10 years ago I set up my own business Hens for Hire, hiring out hens to schools across the UK so children get to experience their own little piece of the good life.

Educating With ChickensTo date I have worked with over 80 000 children and again we have a few ‘good life’ stories of PE departments chasing hens around a 3 acre playing field along with the joy of children learning where their food comes from!

We have grown the business and moved to a new location lovingly known as ‘Hens HQ’.  Claire’s hen and business experience along with Steve’s teaching expertise has lead to Hens for Hire being the market leader in all things chicken hire related.

I have to say it’s all thanks to Margo & Barbara our first Good Life Hens!

We hold the Performing Animal Licence PALS07 (issued by East Staffordshire Borough Council), fully insured, DBS checked & Animal Transport Certificate too.  Along with First Aid, Health & Safety & Food Hygiene level 2 certificates.

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