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At Hens For hire, we provide a range of services including our popular Hens in Schools Packages, our Incubator Hire Service and a range of Hen Keeping Courses to help you learn even more about your feathered friends.

But it doesn’t stop there. By joining our Members Area you immediately get access to even more resources that you can watch, read, download and print.

These include:

  • Hen Keeping Guides
  • Health and Safety Information
  • Hen Health and Seasonal Care
  • Incubation and Chick Guides
  • Baking
  • Wonderful Use of Eggs
  • Chicken Egglympics
  • Gallery

And for schools, we’ve also included some term specific activities:

  • Autumn Term
  • Spring Term
  • Summer Term
  • Arts and Crafts

You can join today and get a full 12 months access for just £195.00 (personal & educational use only). If you would like to talk to us about commercial use please get in touch.

Use the link below to purchase your membership and you will soon be getting the benefit of all our detailed information and resources.

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