Hens for Hire

School Hen Keeping Specialist

Back to school for the hens

It s the start of the new school year and we have been really busy with hens returning to school and starting at new schools.

We hope all the hens are settling in well and both students and staff are enjoying the hens and the fresh eggs.

If your school would like to buy a hen package, have it set up at your location and staff trained please get in touch.

Ex-Battery Hens

Here at Hens For Hire HQ we have hens of all shapes and sizes, you birds we are growing on to join the school hens, girls who have retired plus a few of my favourites!

If you follow us on twitter you know we are also promoting hen re-homing through the British Hen Welfare Trust. We decided to adopt our own hens through the BHWT website, its a great way to hug a hen if you haven’t got room for some at home. Meet our girls…Minerva and Little Flo.