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Discover the wonder of hatching eggs and learning at the same time with a ‘hands on’ experience.

School Hatching for Spring/Summer 2022 is now FULLY BOOKED

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So What Do We Offer

Our service offers schools, nurseries & care homes the opportunity to hatch eggs and enjoy the chicks.  We are Covid secure and have procedures in place and risk assessments in place to offer you total support and security during this uncertain time.

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So why hatch with Hens for Hire?  

Our hatching eggs are all sourced from our lovely breeder, Susie from Pages Poultry.  We only hatch rare and pure breed poultry in partnership with Pages Poultry, all of the chicks return to Pages Poultry at the end of your hire period.  They are then grown on and go onto to new homes as family pets or breeding birds and some go onto become prize winning show birds at local and national level.  If you visit the National and Federation Show have a look in the show pens for some of the birds.  Some even join the team of chickens here at Hens HQ!

We are unique as we can offer you 2 different types of eggs for schools & care homes to hatch:

Bantam Hatch-a selection of pure and rare breed bantams, perfect for little hands to hold & they stay cute and fluffy for longer.Quick & Full Hatch)

Quackers Hatch-Ducklings, yep ducklings.  A very different hatching experience, you even get to give them their first bath. Available Summer only. Schools and Care homes only (May-July Quick Hatch only)


It’s a fantastic way to experience the excitement of chicks in the classroom. Our incubators are fully automatic and during the incubation period will regularly turn the eggs. The eggs take 21 days to develop and within the last few days you can hear the eggs ‘cheep’. Once they have hatched they can be moved to the ‘broody box’.

We will set up all the equipment and train staff on all aspects of the hatching process. We will have zoom meetings at 2 stages to check development of the eggs.  We will also provide activities related to the chicks and hatching. At the end of the hire period we will remove all the equipment and the chicks, who go onto new homes.

All of our electrical equipment is PAT tested and fully risk assessments are provided, we are Covid ready and compliant.

We source our fertile eggs from breeders who specialise in pure & rare breeds. We do not hatch auto sexing breeds and will not know the sex of the chicks until about 6 weeks after hatching.  We only incubate to order and and work hard to re home all the chicks that return to us. (Claire always keeps quite a few to add to her own flock)

Prices & Booking

Available from March (once we have checked the fertility of the boys) until Mid October, we do needed at least 4 weeks notice prior to the commencement of hire to allow us to collect and begin to incubate the eggs. Contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Quick Hatch-Our most popular hatching experience

  • We will set the incubator and broody box up on site
  • Incubate eggs for 2 days
  • Chicks for 8 days
  • Full Staff training & hatching support
  • We will collect the chicks and equipment at the end of the hire period.
  • 2 types of Hatch: Bantams & Quackers,

Full Hatch

  • We will set the incubator and broody box up on site
  • Incubate eggs for 21 days
  • Zoom candling session to check the eggs at day 8 & day 17
  • Chicks for 8 days after hatch
  • Full Staff training & hatching support
  • We will collect the chicks and equipment at the end of the hire period.
  • 1 type of Hatch: Bantam

Watch us Grow-Total Unique to Hens for Hire

Once you have hatched your chicks via the ‘Quick Hatch’ at the end of the 2 week hire you have the option to grow your chicks on.  Experience the chicks move through to young adult hood and grow their full feathers. Keep the chicks for a further 4 weeks.

Chicks can be returned at end of ‘Watch us Grow’ hire period or hen house purchased to keep hens at school.

What’s Included?

Quick Hatch & Full Hatch

  • Incubator with up to 10 fertile eggs
  • Broody Box, including heat plate and feed
  • Full staff training & Zoom Support
  • Learning material
  • Members Area Access

Watch us Grow

  • Growing Box
  • Heat lamp/feed/bedding
  • Advanced learning material
  • Hen care staff training

All prices include travel to and from your location

We do our best to provide you with fertile hatching eggs but at times working with Mother Nature doesn’t always go quite to plan.  Don’t worry we always have a plan B to ensure you get the most from your hatching experience.

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Customer Testimonials

Hi Claire. Many thanks for this – the children have absolutely loved it (as well as the parents and Staff!). The timing was perfect. Definitely has the wow factor.

Abigail Robertson

Headteacher Rush Green Junior School

Having the chicks develop so quickly was startling to watch. We got them on Day 1 as tiny fluffy things which could hardly walk in a straight line and by Day 3 they had developed flight feathers, could run around and even attempt to fly. Brilliant! The incubator was another story. Seeing a tiny hole appearing, followed by the occasional cheep only led to a sense of paternal worrying! Will they get out, will they hatch? Eventually I gave one a slight help with a bit of the egg shell but you know within an hour it was up standing. I definitely would recommend Claire and her kit, do it, its great!