Hens for Hire

School Hen Keeping Specialist

Hen Hire for Care homes

We offer Residential and Care Homes the opportunity to experience hen keeping, and the benefits it brings to residents, whilst removing the set-up, on-going responsibility and holiday cover of keeping hens in the homes. We provide full support and training for all staff.

So What Do We Offer

  • We will set up our Omlet Eglu Classic Hen House
  • Provide you with 2 hens
  • Deliver everything to look after and feed the hens
  • We will train your staff on all aspects of hen keeping
  • We can provide additional sessions for Residents
  • You can hire the hens for a variety of time period, from one month to the whole year
  • We also offer 1 day Taster Hire
  • Plus also offer a ‘Incubator Hire’ to hatch you own chicks, again we will take the worry and stress away by setting everything up, training staff and picking the chicks up
  • Members Area Access

What To Do Next

Hopefully everything you’ve read about Hens For Hire has shown you that we’re serious about keeping hens, giving them a great life and enjoying their company.

They all have individual characters and have a calming and relaxing effect on everyone.

To find out more about our service and to get a bespoke quotation, please use the details on our ‘contact us’ page.

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Customer Testimonials

Hi Claire. Many thanks for this – the children have absolutely loved it (as well as the parents and Staff!). The timing was perfect. Definitely has the wow factor.

Abigail Robertson

Headteacher Rush Green Junior School

Having the chicks develop so quickly was startling to watch. We got them on Day 1 as tiny fluffy things which could hardly walk in a straight line and by Day 3 they had developed flight feathers, could run around and even attempt to fly. Brilliant! The incubator was another story. Seeing a tiny hole appearing, followed by the occasional cheep only led to a sense of paternal worrying! Will they get out, will they hatch? Eventually I gave one a slight help with a bit of the egg shell but you know within an hour it was up standing. I definitely would recommend Claire and her kit, do it, its great!