We decided it would be fun and also a great tool to house chickens within our school grounds. We contacted Hens for Hire and discussed our ideas with them and within a few weeks our hens had arrived, staff trained and we had our first eggs! We have now had our two chickens for nearly a year, and I have to say how fantastic an experience this is for our children. The chickens are extremely easy to keep and enhance the children`s learning of life cycles, where our food comes from, and most importantly being responsible for looking after a living thing! They are also fabulous to use as a reward tool for children struggling with their behaviour. They love feeding the hens and collecting the eggs too! Some even enjoy cleaning them out, once or twice a week. I feel that having our hens has made a fantastic difference to our school and I would highly recommend keeping them to anyone.

Mrs Kerry Parker (Inclusions Mentor)

Springfield Junior School, Swadlincote

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