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Hen Keeping in Schools

Hens for Hire is a unique hire service. We offer schools the opportunity to experience hen keeping and all the benefits it brings to students, whilst removing the set-up cost, on-going responsibility and holiday cover of keeping hens in school. We provide full support and training for all staff.

Interactive Learning With Hens

Keeping Hens helps connect young people with their environment, food and animals in both urban and rural settings. We provide you with the expertise, resources and information which are prepared by our teaching staff to make hen keeping in school easy, fun and rewarding.

Bird Flu Notice

As I am sure you have all heard there has been a reported case of bird flu in Yorkshire. Here at Hens for Hire we take the hens and your health and safety very seriously. The hens that are hired out to your setting are kept in a closed flock to minimise the risk of picking up infections. We also check all hens on their return to HQ for the holidays and when they return to schools. Bird Flu is transmitted via wild birds, as yours hens are kept in a enclosed run the chances of transmission are very low.

Hens For Hire


At Hens for Hire, we provide a range of Hen Hire options for Schools, Nurseries and Childcare Centres. These can be tailored to meet both your curriculum requirements and your budgetary requirements.

Incubator Hire


Our Incubator Hire service provides Schools, Nurseries and Care Homes the opportunity to hatch eggs and enjoy the chicks. It's a fantastic way to experience the excitement of chicks in the classroom.



During our Hen Keeping Courses we'll show you how to handle the hens, how to maintain your coop and look after the run, plus we'll teach you all the daily routines and health checks that you'll need to do.

Is Hens for Hire Right for you?

At Hens for Hire we want to make sure you get the best experience from your time spent keeping, caring for and learning from chickens. With this in mind, we have spent many years building Bespoke Hire Options for our wide variety of customers and we'll be only too happy to do the same for you.

Each hire option is built around your individual budget, needs and curriculum plan and you can be sure of our ongoing support and training throughout our time together. You can find out more about our Hens for Hire, Incubator Hire and Courses with these links above.

If you'd like to get in touch to discuss your requirements in person, why not give us a call or visit our Contact Page for more details.

Call: 01283 820771


Did you know?

Hens For Hire won the Theo Phaphitis Small Business Sunday Award this year.

So what is Small Business Sunday? #SBS as it's known by it's 'hash tag' handle on Twitter, was created by Theo Paphitis back in October 2010. Each week small business owners like us have to pitch passionately about our business in 140 characters or less. Theo then reviews the tweets he receives and chooses his favourites.

We were very pleased to be chosen and to receive the award.

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Sooo cute I think we have a Frizzle Booted Bantam!
Lynsey Hornsby If it's from Tony's eggs I bet it's a millefleur frizzle Pekin. :-)
Hens for Hire Ltd Yes!!! Soo cute may keep some of these!
It's Friday so it's chicks in a box day!
Catherine McGovern Any news on the chicks ? Moving into new house today
On the road again....isn't that a song?
Tomorrow it's all about chicks! Collections in Romford & Westminster
Busy day with the last hen collection of the week. 24 hens all back at HQ had their health check & all settled into their holiday accommodation.
The Poultry Handbook is now available from Hens for Hire Ltd who provide not only hens & equipment but specialise in poultry services to schools across England. We are pleased to have Claire on board as our latest stockist & that the handbook will become a great resource for many schools as well!
Well mama hen is sacked! Just found her chick abandoned in the run. Popped it in the hatcher to warm up poor little thing!
Busy day off to pick up the hens from Birmingham 11schools to visit, going to be a full van!
Going away this Easter? Did you know we offer hen sitting.....
Simon Wells
Elisabeth Curnew Do you have space, 18th April? For 5 lovely ladies?
Very excited our little broody black Orpington bantam has hatched her first chick!
Catherine McGovern Girl ?!! 👌👌👌
Hens for Hire Ltd A few weeks will tell!
If you read Your Chicken magazine we are on page 25
First 3 schools have submitted feathers for our Spring term competition! The judging is going to be tough glad it's not me!
Up early to get chores done then off to pick up hens from London & surrounding areas!
First babies of the year enjoying their first bit of time outside!
More eggs in the incubator!
New a great read & only £8.50!
Brilliant hen house designs from today's Hen Day at Derby Moor School
A brilliant day spent with the year 7 nurture class at Derby Moor Community School. They are so ready for their hens to arrive after the Easter break!
Just some of the lovely thank you cards from the reception class at Yenton Primary School